Flylight Dragonfly

Dragonfly and poppiesThe Flylight Dragonfly is a sub-115kg single-seat flexwing microlight, designed to be operated in the UK under the Single-Seat DeRegulation (SSDR) guidelines. This means that the Dragonfly is exempt from annual permit fees and inspections, the pilot is responsible for maintaining the aircraft airworthiness.

The Dragonfly is designed to be as portable as possible, and will fold up to fit in the back of many cars. Using the specially-modified Aeros Discus 15T wing, the entire aircraft can be derigged and stored at home with the minimum of time and effort, further reducing hangarage costs. Finally, with fuel burn of as little as 2.5litres per hour (with the Bailey 4-stroke engine), the Dragonfly offers incredible fun for minimal cost!

Folded DragonflyThe Dragonfly features fully-retractable undercarriage, which improves efficiency over distance flights and for engine-off soaring. The optional fairings (in a choice of colours) further reduce drag and finish off the trike with unique and desirable styling. The range of suitable engines includes the popular Bailey 175 engine, which provides 4-stroke reliability and minimal noise signature. The electric push-button start and automatic choke gives confidence in switching the engine off to enjoy the soaring performance.

Powerfin Propellors logoFlylight are now UK distributors for Powerfin propellors, which have a range suitable for the Dragonfly and other aircraft. Please contact us for more details.

The Dragonfly has been in development since 2007, and has already proved itself in a number of long-distance Bivouac Tour flights. Serial production started in early 2008, and the early sales figures clearly demonstrate that this machine is a winner in the ultra-light trike category.

Dragonski Chase from Ben Ashman on Vimeo.

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