Flylight MotorFloater

MotorFloater FlyByMotorfloating is a generic term for simple, fun, light weight, single seat powered flying. It is very much a departure from the evolutionary increase in speed, power, sophistication and cost.
Flylight believes that owning your own aircraft is one of the primary goals that inspires many to aquire their microlight license, this is also one of the principal reasons for designing the Motorfloater as an inexpensive single seat powered aircraft that is a joy to fly and safe to operate. The Motorfloater is an embracement of fun with a capital 'F'.

There is a lot more to flying than going as fast as you can. It is not the destination that defines an adventure, it is without question, the journey itself.

MotorFloater in actionQuick rig: Simple wing and trike takes almost less time to rig than pulling out a flexwing from a moderately full hangar and preparing it for flight. Avoid hangar rash by taking your airplane home to store, it will also last longer by being kept in a garage avoiding the effects of the damp cold British weather.
Light weight: The trike weighs a fraction of the weight of many flexwing trikes making it easy to transport and lift in and out of a trailer or van by yourself. The wing weighs less than many hang gliders and half the weight of many 2 seat flexwings, again making it really easy to lift on and off a car roof rack or trailer by yourself.
Excellent camera platform: The exposed cross tubes provide a superb place to mount a camera or cameras, with today's modern HD minicams you can document all of your flying in dazzling technicolor and get those amazing shots that you thought only the professionals could do. You can then share your flights by uploading them onto YouTube or Facebook.
Handling: Probably the best in the sport. The whole premise of the concept of handling is fun, pure and simple. Better handling equals more fun.
Safety: With such a slow stall speed and low engine off sink rate, the availability of safe landing areas increases dramatically. Low speed and low weight means low inertia which in turn means greater safety. Precise, quick and responsive handling also adds to the overall safety.
Economy: There are few aircraft that represent such good value for money in terms of ownership and operation. Simple wing structure with the exposed cross tubes means inspections are very straight forward. With the 4 stroke Bailey engines and the Simonini 2 stroke engines you are going to notice huge reductions in operating costs regarding fuel.
Engines: The tried and tested Bailey V4200 4 stroke is possibly one of the most economical engines on the market giving less than 3 litres / hour fuel burn and 22 hp power output. It is very compact design, beautifully engineered as well as carrying the famous ‘Bailey’ aftercare service.
The Simonini Mini series of engines have a good track record with paramotorists and over the years have developed a reputation for reliability and performance. The Mini series range from 26 hp to 36 hp which really gives the aircraft an impressive climb rate and a superb climb angle. Being a 2 stroke, the maintenance is very straight forward with good spares availability direct from the manufacturer.

If microlights have become the re-invention of the aeroplane
Motorfloating is unashamedly the re-invention of the microlight

Flylight MotorFloater

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