Flylight MotorFloater Options

The Motorfloater can be purchased as a basic unit and then all the optional extras can be fitted retrospectively at a later date.

Trike with optional fairingsEngines available are:
The Bailey V4200 4stroke engine has been updated for 2011 with the edition of the easy start system and a pull start option for an incredible weight of 15 kg
The Simonini Mini 2 is one of paramotoring’s most popular engine with superb reliability and at 26 hp gives the Motorfloater sprightly performance.
The Simonini Mini 3 produces 36 hp and coupled to the Fox wing will give incredible STOL capability and a climb rate that will raise an eyebrow or two.

The Motorfloater trike also comes with a 20 litre detachable fuel tank, the Fox 16T wing and foot throttle.

Optional extras are:
Front brake. Rear fairings. Front fairing and instrument panel. Braunigar Motor IQ instrument. Trike cover. Drink cooler.

The fairing package comes with 2 side pockets that are accessible in flight, easy to stow cameras, radio, iPod, 2 stroke oil or even a few cool drinks for when you arrive at your destination. Light weight camping gear can be stowed inside the fairing along with sleeping bags and clothes.
The front fairing provides an instrument panel that can take a basic hang gliding / paragliding vario-altimeter unit, it also provides a stowage area for smaller items and more cool drinks.
The Brauniger Motor IQ has both vario (vsi) and altimeter (QFE, QNH and QNH).

The Motorfloater trike will also fit onto the Discus 15T and 14T and the Combat 12T wings.

Dragonfly with Combat 12T wing
Dragonfly with Discus 15T wing