Aeros Combat L

The Aeros Combat L has rapidly come to the fore as being The glider to have in competition. The Combat is the World Champion for 2005, and has also won a large majority of National competitions around the World. Sport pilots can also take advantage of this breathtaking performance, with a number of long-standing distance records falling to Combats recently.

This years model, the Combat L 07 is basically stronger and safer to fly. The advanced sail and frame design makes the glider more competitive with excellent glide and climb characteristics while keeping the easy Combat handling. The glider has been comprehensively tested by Oleg Bondarchuk in harsh Australian competition conditions.

The Combat L 07 has a newly designed oval crossbeam which is stronger and more stable in torsion. The glider has stiffer sprogs and the complete sprog system for better glide performance. The new sail is an advanced design with many refinements and stronger PX Mylar leading edge cloth. The durable NCV semi-transparent sailcloth keeps the upper surface very clean and tight, providing soft handling and good coordination. The undersurface is Dacron and can be cut out in two separate colour layout designs, each divided into three areas which can be customized to suit the colour preferences of the pilot.

The Aeros Combat L is supplied standard with WW Slipstream profile uprights and reinforced Aeros Airfoil carbon speedbar with Aeros Airfoil knuckles. The aluminium Airfoil speedbar with Airfoil knuckles can be specified as an option. The leading edges are in three parts, (made from light and strong 7075 aluminium alloy) which allow a pilot to inspect and change them easily if needed.

The competition options include light carbon 10mm battens for best performance, profiled carbon leading edge inserts, and XC light bag.

The Combat L12 07 also represents a true performance breakthrough for lightweight pilots, with an almost unbelievable low stall speed for such a small glider, yet retaining the Combat's world-beating high-speed glide. The glider is made with smaller A-frame and can be supplied with WW Litestream uprights which are easy to hold.

Combat 12 13 14 15
Sail area, sq.m. 12.8 13.6 14.2 14.7
Wing span, m 10 10.35 10.7 10.7
Aspect ratio 7.8 7.94 8.06 7.84
Nose angle, 129-131 130-132 130-132 129-131
Weight (without bags), kg 33.5 34.5 35.9 36
Breakdown length, m 5.6/3.8 5.8/3.9 5.9/4.1 5.9/4.1
Tested load, G +6 / -3 +6 / -3 +6 / -3 +6 / -3
Min. airspeed, km/h 29-31 29-31 29-31 29-31
Max. airspeed, km/h 110+ 110+ 110+ 110+
Min Sink, m/sec * 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8
Best Glide Ratio * 16.7:1 16.7:1 16.7:1 16.7:1
Min. clip-in weight, kg 60 65 80 80
Max. clip-in weight, kg 90 100 110 125
Certification Pending BHPA / DHV DHV BHPA

*Performance figures are as tested: 87kg pilot, Aeros Viper S harness

Please use the colour charts below to help choose your desired colour scheme. Note: The Combat is available with one of two sailcuts to match your layout ideal.