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Flylight FoxCub
in flight

How does it work,
please watch the video:

The concept is for an affordable, small, sporty light trike that derigs in under 10 minutes without the need to remove the wing from the trike. This was demonstrated at the Flying Show in Telford. link here please to

2nd May 2014
The New
Dragonlite Fox
wing fold

How does it work,
please watch the video:

The Dragonlite Fox wing fold has been completed and has transformed the Dragon Fox, making it the most portable and stowable flexwing microlight ever. The wing can now be folded on the trike and in it's lowered position will fit into a space 5.5 meters long, 2 meters high and 1.3 metres wide. The wing can be rigged in less than 10 minutes and being on the trike, can be wheeled out to a suitable area for rigging. There is also plans to make the whole unit fit onto a small trailer, no need for roof racks or wing racks on the trailer. Because the Fox wing is so light, it is very easy to move around into the smallest of parking spots which should mean low hangarge fees or an easily manoeuvred package to fit into a single garage / car port, along side the car.

2nd January 2014
The New
DragonSight Flies

Here is a short film showing the very quick rigging of the Fox wing and the DragonSight trike along with a beautiful feature of the Severn Bore and the Dragonlite Fox.

Have a close look at the solo surfer and see if you can see the lone Dolphin, we missed this during the filming but saw it during editing.

10th October 2013
2013 Bivouac Tour
The 2013 French Bivouac Tour has been completed. We managed a 500 mile circumnavigation of Paris and achieved one of our best ever flights...
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19th August 2013
Gold and Silver
at the EMC

Rob Grimwood and John Waite achieve gold in their Skyranger Nynja 912s and Paul Dewhurst came a credible second in his Dragon Chaser powered by...
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9th July 2013
Dragon Chaser flys with Polini Thor 250
The maiden flight of the Polini Thor 250 pwered Dragon Chaser went without a hitch.
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21st January 2013
There be dragons!
The DragonChaser is up and flying and turning heads already.
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21st January 2013
Icarus Human
Powered Aircraft
Cup 2013

The Icarus Human Powered Aircraft Cup 2013 is to be held at Sywell Aerodrome from 19th July 2013.
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