The Flylight Team

Paul Dewhurst, Director / Chief Flying Instructor
Paul started flying at an early age with his father, a gliding instructor, and went solo in a glider on his 16th birthday - the minimum age allowed by law in this country. In 1984 Paul discovered microlights and has never looked back. An instructor rating soon followed and he moved into working full time in the as yet young industry. In 1989 Paul was a member of of the team that complete the first circumnavigation of the mainland Britain, to Guinness Book of Records rules. 1992 saw him as part of a team to fly to the Shetland Islands in aid of Children in Need. A keen competition pilot Paul is the only person in microlighting history to have won an international gold medal in all 4 classic classes (solo & dual, fixed and flexwing). Paul is also the Microlight World Champion for 2003 and 2005, having flown a SkyRanger. Professional qualifications include flying instructor, examiner, instructor of instructors and examiner of instructors ratings as well as engineering inspector rating. Paul is also an experienced test pilot and has been involved with several UK microlight certification and investigation test flight programs. Currently, Paul is also the Vice-Chairman of the British Microlight Aircraft Association. This probably makes Paul the best qualified person in the business.

Ben Ashman, Director / Instructor / Designer
Ben is a very experienced and accomplished pilot who started flying by constructing and flying his own design hanglider whilst still at school in the seventies. He then went on to work with several hanglider manufactures as a designer and sailmaker. With the advent of Microlights in the early eighties Ben obtained an instructors rating and started a small school in the Northampton area operating part time. Ben has been continuously flying both Microlights and Hangliders both as pilot and instructor since those early days. He was instrumental in pioneering the technical aspects and CAA approval of Microlights aerotowing Hangliders in this country. Notable achievements include taking part in the 'Flight of the Dacron eagles' - aerotowing Hangliders down a bird migratory rout along the African rift valley, which was screened on national TV as part of the BBC‘s Classic Adventure series. Less known aerial exploits include his flight to from London to Amman in Jordan titled 'Flight for Life', for Cancer research campaign, inspired by and in memory of a fellow Hanglider pilot Yasmin Saudi who sadly died of Cancer at the tender age of 24. This flight succeeded in raising over 100,000 and was filmed enroute and made into a video (available from Flylight, all proceeds go to cancer research). They were featured on 'How do they do that' on BBC1. Ben also accompanied Paul Dewhurst as co-pilot/navigator to victory in the 1993 European Microlight Championships, 2nd place in the World Championship, first place in the 1993 round Britain rally. Ben holds instructor, inspector and check pilot ratings, and is also the designer/ project manager for the Flylight Doodlebug.

Stewart Bond , Director/ Hang-gliding CFI
Stewart started flying at college before embarking on a medical career. After 9 years, he was lured from the health service into a career of hang gliding! He started his own business and quickly became chief flying instructor. In 1997 Stewart started importing Aeros products and became a dealer for the Doodlebug powered hang gliding harness. In 2000 he flew from London to Paris by Doodlebug with two other pilots, which eventually led to the now infamous “Bivouac Tour” holidays organised by Flylight. Stewart became interested in importing the Skyranger 3 axis microlight and embarked on the project with Flylight. This was a resounding success as the aircraft went on to become the best selling kit aircraft in the UK. His role in the company is as sales director, check pilot and demonstration pilot for the Skyranger, Air Creation Trikes, Doodlebug, hang gliders and paragliders. He is also one of only a small number of the UK’s qualified tandem hang glider pilots and is responsible for all hang gliding aerotow operations within the company.

Irwin Baker, Instructor / Examiner
Irwin decided to instruct full-time in 2000, after leaving a career as an optician. His tremendous enthusiasm for flying is infectious, and Irwin is quickly building up the number of types he has flown. He has achieved both GR and X examiner ratings, an FIC (instructor training) rating, a full JAR Group A PPL, and is a qualified FRTOL (Radio license) examiner. Irwin also handles the Flylight retail department. He is training his young daughter Bethany to fly, her only problem currently being too small to reach the rudder pedals!

Phil Jones , Instructor
Phil started flying in the mid-90's, with experience of both flex and fixed-wing types of microlight, as well as paragliding and sailplanes. Phil now instructs full-time at Flylight. Before joining Flylight, Phil worked as a general manager for a musical instrument manufacturer, and still plays keyboards in his own band.

Dawn Dewhurst, Accounts
Dawn is Paul's wife, and looks after their infant son, Tom. Dawn handles all the Flylight accounts, and keeps the rest of us in line! After co-piloting Paul at the 2005 World Microlight Championships, Dawn is proud to be a World Champion!

Graham Richardson, Engineer / Composite expert
Graham is our main production engineer for the DoodleBug FLPHG. Graham also is a composite expert, and manages our own in-house fibreglass facilities. Graham started flying soon after the birth of microlighting, part-owning a Highway SkyTrike in the early 80's.

Cath Vickers, Administrator / Tug Pilot
Cath is our full-time administrator, and also assists with the dual hang gliding aerotow team. She has been flying for over 10 years now, starting on paragliders and hang gliders, and gained her Microlight NPPL flying both flexwing and fixedwing microlights. Cath also helps organise the popular DoodleBug Bivouac Tours, and is responsible for the Online Shop.

Rebecca Vickers, Administrator
Rebecca (no relation to Cath) started learning to fly flexwings with us in 2006, although her enthusiasm for flying has her in the air with whatever she can get if it's too windy for flex! Rebecca currently works as an administrator covering Cath's days off.